No experience necessary.  Suitable for everybody.

Reserve your space.  3 participants.

Dates in 2019:

September 24


Tuesday 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm


$ 80

The waking-up and preparing for sleep are very important times. 

1st part of the workshop: Waking-up:

In the morning the body is ready to move.  The somatic rising from the bed will prime the soft tissues for optimal functioning and will send the fluids to the cardiovascular/respiratory system for cellular oxygenation.  Done from a few minutes to as long as you like in the bed before you rise or anytime during the day for invigorating and energizing sensation in the whole body.

2nd part of the workshop: Resting to Sleep

In the night the body responds to slow and peaceful preparations to rest.  The somatic rest to sleep includes spinal segmentation and gentle rolling that are soothing and releasing cellular breathing.  Done on the yoga mat or the floor; usually thirty minutes or more will produce the resting effects before sleep.  It can also be done anytime during the day for calming and centering.  Bring a large, soft blanket.  Wear loose, comfortable clothing, and non-restricting undergarments, for women no bras recommended.

Having more energy

Clarity of mind

Positive outlook