Embodiment of Axial Skeletal System

and how it Relates to Core, Breathing, Postural and Movement Patterns

No experience necessary.  Suitable for everybody.

Reserve your space.  3 participants.

Dates in 2019:

September 14 (core and breathing)

October 12 (postural and movement patterns I)

November 9 (postural and movement patterns II)


Sundays 9:00am to 12pm


$ 150 for Sept. 14

$ 250 for Sept. 14 and Oct. 12

$ 300 for Sept. 14, Oct. 12 and Nov. 9

This workshop includes:

  1. Exploring the central core that enhances effortless movement.

  1. Embryonic breathing and storing energy in your core generates vitality.

  1. Embodying embryological three pathways for better posture and ease.

  1. The relationships between bones and joints and how they integrate through the whole body.

  1. Head to tail segmentation repatterns alignment and corrects movement imbalances.