“I am cellularly releasing into the flow of energy that permeates my whole being.” ~Violeta

Small Group Class on Tuesdays

9:00-10:15 am

6:00-7:15 pm


*Checking/connecting: checking within and connecting verbally with one another through the experiences that you have had and having in the present moment in your body and mind. 

*Release: it is the process of awareness.  Noticing, where do you hold fixed, locked or compressed areas.   A variety of methods such as meditation, pandiculation, shaking, sounding, light bouncing, authentic movement, touch, massage, spiraling and rolling are incorporated to release the fixations. 

*Awareness, checking, reconnecting and release is an ongoing cycling throughout the class to deeply listen, respond and nurture oneself and another.

*Activating the center and opening the chakras through the direct experience of embodied anatomy.  

*Incremental explorations of building and maintaining relationships between the skeletal, sensory, preceptive, fluid, organ, nervous, ligamentous, fascial and muscular systems are offered a little bit at the time.  So that you can deeply embody the information through movement and visualization.

*The movements and exercises open up the choices for self-healing and self-pacing. 

*Strength and endurance are built from within.  You can use body weight and exercise equipment such as physioballs and tubing to challenge systems functionally in all planes. 

*Balance and agility are accessible, when we practice them from the dynamic, springy feet and lively body.

*Flexibility and suppleness is in the health of the facial system.  Facial system is hydrophilic (water loving), nourishing ourselves with hydrating foods and liquids will promote the smooth gliding and elasticity in the fascia. Fascia is like an elastic band, if you keep stretching it, it will loose its elasticity, strength, and springiness.  And if you are locked or frozen somewhere and you stretch, you will only build more tension and compensate somewhere else.  Which all of that compromise the effortlessness!  I teach you unfreeze suppleness and flexibility by the movement that is countered in opposition to maintain the strength and mobility in the whole body.

Registration is Monthly:

5 classes- $60

4 classes- $52

3 classes- $45

2 classes- $36

1 class -    $21